EnhanceMyApp Podcast 04: Mobile Ads

ep4-mobileadsThere are many ways to earn revenue from your mobile app, but one of the more popular, and lucrative approaches, is from ads. They’re easy to setup, and offer a way to earn revenue off your non-paying users, but some forethought is required to maximize earnings without annoying your users. In this episode of the EnhanceMyApp Podcast, we chat with Chocolate and ZPlay about mobile ads from the ad network perspective.

One of the topics we cover is about the current top-earning placements. Interstitial and rewarded video ads are the highest revenue generators for apps using Chocolate because that’s where most of the advertising demand is coming from on their platform. Rewarded video in particular is seeing impressive eCPM’s because of the nature of the placement. Users willingly opt-in to watch a video advertisement in exchange for something of value in return within the app. It seems like a win-win for all parties involved, but does the placement offer enough engagement for the advertiser?

That’s where playable ads want to change things. Playable ads seem to be gaining a lot of traction, both in adoption and revenue for ZPlay. Instead of watching a traditional video ad, playable ads allow users to play a mini demo of another app enticing them to download it. These placements add a level of engagement that advertisers are seemingly willing to pay much higher CPM’s for.

We finish the episode discussing the future of ads, in-app sponsorships, and innovative ways to test various ad monetization setups to find balance between keeping your users coming back while driving revenue through the roof.

We want to thank the teams from Chocolate and ZPlay for chatting with us about their perspectives on the mobile ad space. If you’re enjoying our podcast, you can follow it on any of your favorite platforms.

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If you missed our last episode where we discussed user monetization topics, you can check it out here.

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