EnhanceMyApp Podcast 06: Kickstarting Your Game

Funding the development of a game is one the biggest challenges facing large and small game studios alike. A popular solution that many developers have successfully utilized to fast-track their funding efforts is Kickstarter, a crowdfunding platform for creative projects. While the potential to raise money on their platform is seemingly limitless, it’s very important to approach your Kickstarter campaign the right way in order to have similar success. In this episode of the EnhanceMyApp podcast, we chat with Anya Combs (Senior Games Outreach at Kickstarter) about creating effective crowdfunding campaigns.

Games is one of the largest categories on Kickstarter, and the huge community of users on the platform (your potential backers) are smart, yet demanding. For these reasons, you won’t get away with a “set it and forget it” mentality like the Kickstarter of yore. Backers now expect you to not only put a lot of effort into your project page, but to also keep them updated on a very frequent basis about your progress. If you succeed on these points, they will reward you with monetary funding as well as becoming a genuine fan. Anya reinforces the latter by mentioning that creating a community around your project proves that you’re onto something special, even if you don’t meet your funding goals on your first attempt at crowdfunding.

There’s a lot to think about prior to starting a Kickstarter campaign too. They recommend you start building buzz and hopefully a community of fans before making your first Kickstarter post. There are between 400-600 games on Kickstarter at any given time, so it makes sense to show up prepared in order to stick out from the crowd. Having a horde of followers from the onset ensures you’re on the right track to a successful campaign.

Throughout the episode, Anya explains a wealth of insider tips on how to create a successful Kickstarter campaign, including:

  • How to setup and maintain your project page
  • Best practices for your project’s video
  • The funding lifecycle of an average campaign
  • Building a community around your project
  • Success stories
  • Stretch goals and backer tiers

Thanks for listening, and a very big thank you to Anya Combs from Kickstarter for taking time to share her crowdfunding knowledge with us. We hope you enjoyed her insight as well!

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If you missed our last episode where we discussed user monetization topics, you can check it out here.

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