EnhanceMyApp Episode 07: A Mobile Developer’s Guide to GDPR

In this episode of the EnhanceMyApp podcast, we sit down with a panel of mobile app industry experts to discuss the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that went into effect in May this year. We know there’s still a lot of confusion out there pertaining to these new policies, especially regarding how it will affect mobile developers and their apps, so we hope you enjoy this very insightful roundtable on the topic.

The experts joining us today are:

We start our conversation by talking briefly about the purpose of GDPR, and what it means for app developers, especially if you use third party services that collect data from users. And while GDPR is a policy of the European Union, it affects app creators from any nation that have people using their app who reside in the EU. That, along with the growing interest surrounding privacy from other countries, the general consensus among our panel is to treat every user as if they fall under GDPR.

One of the main issues GDPR is poised to rectify is that of transparency. For example, if your app uses third party ad networks to generate revenue, those services are likely pulling personal data from your users so they can match them up with appropriate ad campaigns that convert more effectively. Under GDPR, they can no longer do that without first getting consent from the user. Our experts clarify many of the items that GDPR requires consent for, but they admit that other items remain open for interpretation.

As a mobile developer, there’s many reasons to collect data from your users to help your app business grow, GDPR just requires you to get permission to gather it now. Balancing the amount of data you want to collect with annoying your users is the tricky part in the new ecosystem. Eldad offers a tip, “As a manager of any company, you should ask yourself whether any piece of information you’re gathering is necessary.”. If you’re collecting and using user data appropriately already, there’s not much to worry about under the new GDPR policies. But if you’re still unsure, we hope this podcast shed more light on best practices from our panelists points of view. If you’re looking to integrate GDPR-compliant third party services into your app, head over to Enhance now for quick and easy SDK integration.

Thanks for listening! We’d like to thank our panel of experts for taking the time to speak with us about GDPR and how it affects mobile app developers.


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If you missed our last episode where we discussed using Kickstarter to fund your mobile app, you can check it out here.

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