EnhanceMyApp Podcast 04: Mobile Ads

There are many ways to earn revenue from your mobile app, but one of the more popular, and lucrative approaches, is from ads. They’re easy to setup, and offer a way to earn revenue off your non-paying users, but some forethought is required to maximize earnings without annoying your users. In this episode of the … Continue reading EnhanceMyApp Podcast 04: Mobile Ads

EnhanceMyApp Podcast 03: Monetization Strategies

In this week's podcast, we discuss mobile app monetization with Trevor Williams, Senior Director of Monetization at Hi-Rez Studios. Even though Hi-Rez mostly focuses on in-app purchases for their free-to-play games, the principles discussed in this episode should prove incredibly valuable for your overall mobile monetization strategy. We start by chatting about the first steps … Continue reading EnhanceMyApp Podcast 03: Monetization Strategies